Residential Care Homes for adults with learning disabilities and adults with mental health problems


In 1994 after working in various residential care homes, holding various positions from Care Assistant to Manager, Julia Hamilton (Homes Manager, Agape Homes) decided to open a small residential care home for adults with learning disabilities and adults with mental health problems with the focus on individualised care, progressive development, self growth and self fulfillment within a family setting.

Agape Homes aim to encourage and assist our clients, towards attaining the skills to progress onto more independent living within the community.

We actively encourage family involvement unless our clients choose otherwise and work very closely with our clients relatives and friends to maintain and foster old ties.

Agape Homes comprises two small residential homes Agape House and Agape Annexe with a maximum of four clients. The Home is staffed by a House Manager and Carers.



To place a client at one of the Agape Homes or to make enquiries about our services or fees please contact us using any of the contact methods on the Contact Us page.  You can also download and complete the Initial Client Details form on the Forms page to provide us with more specific information about the client the enquiry relates to.

If you are interested in joining our staff team, or our trainee scheme, work placement or apprentiship, please download and complete the application form and the health questionnaire on the Forms page and send to Michael Hamilton at Agape House or via email using the details on the Contact Us page

To ensure that a high standard of client care is maintained and to protect the rights of our clients, their relatives and the general public, Agape Homes all have a Clients Charter detailing the rights of the clients, what they should expect from the Home and what the Home does to ensure their rights are protected.

Agape House Client’s Charter is the ‘yardstick’ against which performance is measured.  The criteria used in the evaluation and safeguarding of client’s rights which Agape Homes must strive to achieve are:

1.    To ensure that the clients are not subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment, whether

       physical or mental;

2.    To encourage freedom of conscience, thought, and religion, and facilitate participation in

       political process and in chosen activities, religious or otherwise;

3.    To encourage freedom of expression, meaning the right to complain, to hold opinions, and

       to receive or impact information and ideas, particularly regarding personal care and


4.    To respect private and family life, confidentiality of personal affairs and personal space;

5.    To permit and facilitate personal relationships sexual or otherwise;

6.    To permit and facilitate opportunities for social and other gatherings for whatever

       purpose inside and outside the home, and place no restrictions on participation;

7.    To supply information to clients and apply appropriate levels of support to encourage and

       enable them to exercise their rights.

8.    To safeguard individual rights without discriminating on any grounds, whether gender,

       age, colour, language, religion, or other status, political or other opinion.

9.    To ensure that where it is deemed necessary to interfere with or restrict an individual’s

       right for the protection of that person or the rights and freedom of others, or for any other

       reason, such action are recorded, explained to the individual and other interested parties

       and reviewed regularly according to an agreed procedure; and

10.  To have mechanism for monitoring the home’s performance in safeguarding client’s


To view the clients charter, please click HERE.

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