Clients Charter



Residential Care Homes for adults with learning disabilities and adults with mental health problems

Agape Homes' Clients Charter

Your right as a citizen stays the same as before you moved into this Home.

In addition you have:

1.    The right to information about the full range of support available, so that you can choose what will be of most help to you;

2.    The right to read what is written about you by staff;

3.    The right to have your opinion listened to and acted upon in any decisions which affect your life, including the way in which Agape Homes are


4.    The right to privacy when you choose it and the right to see visitors in private;

5.    The right to do things for yourself whenever possible and the right to request and obtain help and support

       when you need them;

6.    The right to have social, emotional, religious, cultural and physical needs respected at all times;

7.    The right to all the services outlined in the aims and objectives of Agape House, a copy of the aims and

       objectives of Agape House, a copy of the House Rules and an agreement stating that you can continue to

       live in the House you currently reside for as long as you choose unless you need medical treatment or care

       which cannot be given by Agape Homes;

8.    The right to complain to the House Manager, Homes Manager, the Northamptonshire County Council, CQC or the Director of Social

       Services and to have your complaints looked into;

9.    The right to competent assessment and review of your needs;

10.  The right to make an active contribution to community life;

11.  The right of access to an advocate who is able to represent you on an impartial basis;

12.  The right to associate with others and build up relationships;

13.  The right to be consulted and involved in making decisions concerning your personal care and to be given the daily care appropriate to your



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